06/18/2022 Hullu Poni, Aura

07/15/2022 Turku Rockpark Festival, Turku

09/05/2022 Naantali Sunfest, Naantali



10/26/2019 Jams Bar, Lieto

10/18/2019 Supporting KING COMPANY, Saaristobaari, Turku

08/17/2019 Bar Mansikka, Sauvo

02/14/2019 On The Rocks, Helsinki


08/28/2017 100-v., Auran OP-AREENA, Aura

06/15/2017 Blueshell, Cologne, GERMANY

06/14/2017 Blauer Adler, Würzburg, GERMANY

06/13/2017 Kaiserhalle, Reutlingen, GERMANY

03/25/2017 Saal Wirtshaus Linde / Dietzenbach, GERMANY


12/17/2016 Supporting DYNAZTY (SWE) WS-Arena, Vaasa

12/16/2016 Supporting DYNAZTY (SWE) Yo-Talo, Tampere

12/15/2016 Supporting DYNAZTY (SWE) On The Rocks, Helsinki

12/14/2016 Supporting DYNAZTY (SWE) Henry’s Pub, Kuopio

07/30/2016 DBTL-FESTIVAL, Turku

06/09/2016 Jack The Rooster, Tampere

05/21/2016 Rose Elchesheim-Illingen, GERMANY

05/20/2016 TURMFEST, Dietzenbach, GERMANY

04/16/2016 Kuokantalo, Marttila

03/05/2016 On The Rocks, Helsinki

01/05/2016 Zet Bar, Salo


12/19/2015 feat. Emmi Lovén and Timo Pelander (Finlanders) Support: Magna ViceRavintola Auran Haarikka, Aura

12/03 – 12/06/2015 “Sign Of Heart” -Mini Tour, GERMANY

10/29/2015 WTN feat. Timo Pelander / Ponies To Kill
On The Rocks, Helsinki

09/19/2015 Privat party

07/28/2015 feat. Krister Stenbom & Timo Pelander Down By The Laituri, Turku (Sunrise Avenue, My First Band, Crystal Extasy)

05/27/2015 feat. Krister Stenbom & Timo Pelander (Finlanders), PORKKANAT KORVISSA -FESTIVAL, Aura

03/28/2015 feat. Taage Laiho, Ravintola Carina, Pöytyä

01/30/2015 feat. Taage Laiho, Janne Hurme, Krister Stenbom, Ravintola Haarikka, Aura


Gig booking:

Janne Granfors

+358 50 389 1779

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